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We produce packaging of various sizes, purposes and design. We ensure the quality and exclusivity!
We offer a variety of even the most complex construction of cardboard packaging. We can produce up to six point glued boxes, the maximum package blank format is as much as one meter, the minimum is only 30 mm.
In order to protect the product and ensure its distinctive image, we apply partial or full UV or dispersion polishing and laminate the packaging. We use hot foiling to heat metallized or hologram foil, insert openings, make concave or convex embossed stamp and other post-printing operations that make your product unique.

Services provided for the production of packages:

Foiling (various colour foil)
Laminating (Glossy or matt film , scratch-proof laminate , textural and other lamination films)
Full or partial UV-polishing
Screen printing
Digital printing
Offset printing
Design and layout