Plastic Cards

Grafija printing-house is the largest manufacturer of plastic cards not only in Lithuania, but also in all of the Baltic States. The production facilities in Vilnius are equipped with three plastic cards production lines, thus, we are able to perform the orders of various run and specifications at the same time, which makes it possible to produce plastic cards of high quality in large quantities and, also, very fast.

Prices & Types

Here at Grafija, we can produce any type of card that your business might need: hotel keys, public transportation card, membership cards, worker IDs, bank cards, RFID cards, and card templates.

Also, it is important to note that most of our competitors can produce plastic cards only using digital printing method because they have no offset printing options, yet they can not guarantee the quality and equal colour throughout the edition, while printing services of larger manufacturer abroad costs more and takes longer.

Moreover, you have no control over the colour and other important features of plastic cards while manufacturing them abroad. Thus, if you want to produce plastic cards quickly, cheaply and easily, contact GRAFIJA printing-house.




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Price calculator

Step 1 – Select parameter adjustments

  • Personalisation The cards can be personalised according to your file in different ways - embossing, thermal transfer or laser engraving.

    We can also generate barcodes to personalise the cards.
  • Magnetic stripe We can enter the desired information to magnetic strip of your data medium.
  • Integrated chip Plastic cards can be implanted with contact and contactless chip modules. In addition, certain operations may be performed with these modules.
  • The signature stripe We can place the signature stripe, which is usable for any writing tool, on the plastic card's obverse or reverse side .
  • Hologram We can produce holograms and kinegrams according to your design and fuse them to plastic card or in the inner layers. It is a reliable protection against forgery.
  • Scratch layer Scratch layer allows achieving a higher level of information security or use this technical potential creatively.
  • Packing We can pack the plastic cards produced into BEOPP film together with your advertising material or user's manual.

Step 2 – Parameter adjustments

Step 3 – Your information

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